Nate’s Plates 96-well 10 Plate Kit


PCR Normalization and Tagging Kit for 960 samples in 96-well PCR plates.

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Nate’s Plates is a PCR-based normalization kit designed to incorporate dual indexing tags and return equal numbers of sequencing constructs from each sample. This kit replaces PCR2 in the standard GT-seq library preparation protocol and eliminates the need for expensive plate-based amplicon capture/normalization. This process saves time by combining tagging and normalization into a single step and saves money by omitting pipetting steps coupled with 5μL reaction volumes. Nate’s Plates are designed to work with the following Illumina tag sequences:
This Kit includes:
  • 10 unique 96-well tagging plates
  • Magnetic Beads
  • Wash Buffer
  • Bead Release Primer
  • Bead Buffer
User-Supplied Reagents Not Included:
  • PCR Master Mix (we recommend QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Kit)
  • Magnetic Stand/Rack
  • Nuclease-free H₂O
  • Optional Centrifuge Pooling Trays (GTseek SKU #2001)
Patent Pending.

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