Genotyping report example
Genotyping in Thousands by sequencing (GT-seq) is an open-source amplicon sequencing method for fast, efficient, and cost-effective SNP genotyping. Developed by our founder Nathan Campbell, this method allows for the simultaneous genotyping of thousands of individual samples at hundreds of SNP loci using Illumina sequencers.
At GTseek, we offer full setup and advanced primer design services for better out-of-the-box multiplex PCR, getting you from testing to high throughput genotyping quickly.

GT-seq Project Flow



Meet with us to help determine your:
  • Project Goals
  • Timelines
  • Species and Sample Types


We can use either

pre-designed panels,


our Panel Development workflow to create a custom genotyping panel, up to 500 markers.



For Production Genotyping projects, we can process samples on a batch basis or 




Both Panel Development and Production Genotyping projects will receive the final data in a format of your choosing.

Panel Development

Random assortment of alleles
No SNP targets? No genome assembly? No problem.
We specialize in SNP identification for 
non-model species using reduced representation NGS data like RAD-seq. We can work with your laboratory staff or partner companies to produce an appropriate sequencing library for your application. Our bioinformatics specialists will then analyze the data and identify thousands of high quality SNP targets for your study organism. High value SNP loci are then targeted for high throughput genotyping with GT-seq.

Production Genotyping

Species of Corn, Mosquito, Salmon, Polar Bear

Already have a developed panel, just need someone to process the samples and the data?


We have experience working with over 100 different species in animals and plants, and various sample types and extracts. Let us handle your production genotyping quickly in batches or all at once.


After sequencing, we will process the data for you and give you back meaningful reports in a format that works for your project.


Bioinformatics script in action
Working with big data can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it. We can analyze big data from any type of NGS platform. Analyses can be done using traditional NGS analysis pipelines or we can work with you to develop custom pipelines and scripts.