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Nate's Plates by GTseek
Nate's Plates Kit with Plate and Reagents

Normalization and Tagging Kit

Nate’s Plates is a PCR-based normalization kit designed to incorporate dual indexing tags and return equal numbers of sequencing constructs from each sample.

This kit replaces PCR2 in the standard GT-seq library preparation protocol and eliminates the need for expensive plate-based amplicon capture/normalization.

This process saves time by combining tagging and normalization into a single step and saves money by omitting pipetting steps couples with 5μL reaction volumes.

Normalization, Improved.

Distribution showing Nate's Plates has an ideal normalization curve compared to competitors

Normalization with an actual normal distribution.


Cut out over-represented samples that are hogging your expensive sequencing reads.

We are currently in the process of manufacturing our first batch. Interested in getting your hands on one?

Tagging with 10,080 Unique IDs*

Plate Barcode and Labeling System enables easy tracking of unique sample IDs.

*Need more unique tags? Custom solutions available! Let’s chat!

Product Details

  • Kits of 10,080 unique tags, in 96-well PCR plates
  • Normalization improved through proprietary method
  • Cost-savings for hundreds or thousands of samples
  • Use fewer tips
  • Save time and plates by pooling samples earlier
  • Save $40 per 96-samples compared to current competing products

Kit Contents

105 unique 96-well tagging plates

Magnetic Beads

Wash Buffer

Bead Release Primer Mix

Bead Buffer

User Supplied Reagents Not Included:

  • PCR Master Mix
  • Magnetic Stand/Rack
  • Nuclease-free H₂O
  • Trays for Optional Centrifugal Pooling

Material Handling and Shipping:

Both the Bead Capture Solution and the Bead Release Primer mix must be stored at around 4°C and will be shipped overnight with cool-packs. All contents can be refrigerated, but do not freeze any contents.

Peep the protocol and process!

(Coming Soon)

Patent Pending